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You have a great product or service, but you need an online marketing strategy to find more people who want to buy from you.  Not all businesses are the same, so the strategy you choose for your business will be different from the next business.


What is online marketing?

It’s about using the internet to enhance your brand’s presence and raise awareness of your business. It’s vital to find out more about your customers and potential customers and join in the conversation with them wherever they are online and attract them to your products or services. Your customers will be having conversations about your type of products / services whether you’re there or not. When you start to listen to what they have to say, you take the first step in online marketing.

You can begin by finding out what people are discussing online that relates to your products and services – on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other social networking sites – there are some great tools to get you started.

Once you know where the conversations are happening, where your customers may be and just as importantly, what your competitors are doing online, you can start working on your strategy. Most business’s objectives for their online marketing strategy is to drive traffic to a website for a specific purpose.


Your Online Marketing Strategy

As internet marketing becomes more sophisticated, there is of course a much wider range of activities that could become a part of your online marketing mix. However, you need to focus on those activities which are going to bring in the business and attract targeted leads. A scatter-gun approach simply won't work.

My online marketing strategy service will help you develop a plan for your business by focusing on 3 main areas:

  • Review of your website & current online marketing activities, identifying any weaknesses with recommendations for improvement in relation to best practice and effectiveness.

  • Review website analytics data and competitor activity. Familiarisation of your product or service, understanding the needs of clients & prospects and marketplace trends.

  • Plan of action – Work out a strategy & formulate the details of what is to be done, when and by whom, costs and timescales


Your strategy will include some or all of the following activities:

Search Engine Optimisation - find out more how I can help you with SEO

Pay per Click Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Blogging & Content Marketing

Email Marketing - find out more how I can help you with email marketing campaigns

Would you like to find out more or discuss how an online marketing strategy can help  you? 

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